We Are Here for you


We’ve been around since 1999 in pursuit of our mission—the greatest force for change is a job. Every day poses a new challenge for our customers and clients, and we know it’s important that what we do now matters most. We will work tirelessly to go above your expectations in delivery of a variety of services that run the gamut from traditional economic development projects to inspirational leadership development training. We are here for you. Reach out.

Community Partnerships/Special Projects/Consulting

Centered on growing relationships throughout the communities we serve to grow the region’s economy, expand the workforce, build tomorrow’s leaders, and promote the economic development profession.

Economic Development

Focused on the attraction to and acceleration of companies in Southwest Michigan.

Chamber/Small Business/Entrepreneurship

Committed to assisting small business and entrepreneurial growth by connecting people with services.

Investor Relations

Dedicated to fostering and honing relationships with current and future supporters, customers and clients and delivering exceptional customer service.


Charged with managing excellence of the Southwest Michigan First brand in all deliverables and sharing the positive stories of our region’s companies and leaders in action.


Tasked with oversight of organization’s financial, human resources and office services, as well the engagement and well-being of team members.