The Big Power of Small


Big companies get big notice for their contributions to economic growth and job creation, But while small businesses may not provide hundreds of jobs individually, combined they provide thousands of employment opportunities for communities.

Most businesses with one to 100 employees were started by individuals with a vision for a product or service in an area for which they are very passionate. And our entire community benefits daily from their creativity, drive and ambition. Think corner shops, hair salons, bakers, tradespersons, landscapers, financial planners and more. Their products and services mean we can get what we need to live and work well without having to leave our community.

In response to small businesses making the lives of our community members better, Southwest Michigan First realizes that the time commitment required to start a business or stay in business may leave these vital employers a bit short when it comes to access to or knowledge of resources, Our services in this area range from business consultations to delivery of affordable and easily accessible educational sessions designed to start, grown and strengthen businesses of all sizes in our community.

For more on how we can support your small business, contact Clarence Lloyd at 269.553.9588 to learn more.