Homegrown Success

Grow Your Business Here

If you’re already doing business from a Southwest Michigan location, then you know you are in one of best communities on the planet. We know that your day is fully committed to “your business,” so take advantage of “our business.” Lean on us to build new relationships with potential suppliers, partners and collaborators to get you access to the people and companies that can grow or right-size your business.

Let us take the reins and work with you on:

  • Business-to-Business Marketing: Maximize your potential by allowing us to facilitate connections and our resources that can grow your business.
  • Understanding Incentives: Let us be your guide through the incentive process. Lean on us to research what financing tools are available to your business at the federal, state and local levels.
  • Supply Chain Recruitment: We can help you gain access to the people and companies that can build your business through relationships with potential suppliers, partners or collaborators.
  • Talent and Workforce Development: Preparing the workforce of the future is a top priority of all organizations. Through skill gap analyses, leadership development and educational partnerships, we can work with you to elevate your team.
  • Capital Acquisition: Gaining access to capital—whether traditional, equity, angel, microloan or government funding—can be daunting. Our relationships and guidance can help you get the resources you need to succeed.
  • Site Selection: Whether you need a site to build a new facility or a short-term solution, we can help you analyze all your choices and maximize your investment.
  • Partners and Connections: Leveraging our relationships with existing employers, small businesses, Board of Directors and Chamber members, our team has the local business connections to ensure your success.
Looking for a partner or information? Our team will get you what you need. Contact Jill Bland at 269.553.9588 to get your questions answered about your project in Southwest Michigan.