By the Numbers


Considering a move for your business, self or family? Or just want to learn more about the place you call home? Take a dive into the data story of our region.

Population by Age

Total Population: 782,320
Population Annual Average Growth: 0.1%
Population by County Breakdown:

Population by Age

Median Age: 39.0
Percentage of Population Between 18-64: 60.5%
Age Breakdown:

Population by Race/Ethnicity

Labor Force

Total Labor Force: 392,890
Prime-Age Labor Force Size (Age 25-54): 232,838
Labor Force Participation Rate: 62.7%
Prime-Age Labor Force Participation Rate (Age 25-54): 82.4%

Median Household Income

Median Household Income: $53,109

Cost of Living (COL) – Annual Index

Top Five Most Affordable Urban Areas in the U.S.:

Peer Comparison:

Mean Commute Time

Mean Commute Time: 21.1 minutes

Educational Attainment

Level of Educational Attainment:

Level of Educational Achievement:


Employment by Industry:

Employment by Occupation:

Data Sources:

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