Building the community we all want to live in

Southwest Michigan First is passionate about creating vibrant business environments and diverse communities – those that build a sense of belonging and enhance prosperity for all. We know this is hard work, but we have a plan to get us there — together.

It’s called The Path to Regional Prosperity and it details all the ways we’re working to:

  • Shape public policy to support business and create well-paying jobs
  • Unite regional partners around shared goals for maximum impact and mutual benefit
  • Act as a catalyst for industrial site development
  • Promote Southwest Michigan as an ideal place to live, work, and engage
  • Host events that build community and strengthen connections

Strong and vibrant communities don’t just happen. They’re built. Together with our partners, Southwest Michigan First is building the kind of community we all want to live in.


We invite you to join us. Call Carla Sones at 269.553.9588 to learn more.