Your success is our business

Looking for a new site or building? Interested in expanding your talent pipeline? Need help wading through the seemingly endless red tape? Southwest Michigan First can help remove barriers and connect you to powerful resources to further your business.

Our team has decades of experience working with companies of all sizes in virtually every industry. From global industry leaders to eight-person tool-and-die shops to local artisans, we are committed to growing companies just like yours. Because when companies in our region are successful, everyone wins.

We are a single point of contact and completely confidential. And because we are nonprofit, you can access our services free of charge. Let us help you:

  • Learn why a Southwest Michigan location is advantageous
  • Find a new site or building that meets your needs
  • Grow or expand your existing business
  • Leverage grants, economic incentives, and tax relief
  • Analyze workforce demographics
  • Connect with diverse and inclusive talent resources
  • Align, develop, and empower your workforce through premier leadership programs
  • Promote your business by becoming a Chamber member
  • Strategize an approach to growth-focused community development
  • Accelerate your small business or become an entrepreneur

A more prosperous future is within your reach. Call our investment team at 269.553.9588 and get started today.