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Patricia Provot

Patricia Provotpresident
Armstrong International

Patricia Provot grew up traveling around the world along my father who was a Belgian diplomat. The family lived five years in Tunisia, seven years in Ecuador and several years in Benin, Gabon and Burkina Faso. The discovery of very diverse cultures, and continuous change of environment has been an enriching personal experience for Provot.

Provot has a degree of Masters in Chemical Engineering from ISIB in Brussels and joined Armstrong International, attracted by its pledge to help end users optimize their utility systems, reduce energy consumption and ultimately reduce carbon emissions. Her initial seven years were spent “on site ” auditing steam systems for major Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries, recommending optimizations and helping with the implementation of these projects on a turnkey basis. This experience helped Provot understand first-hand the challenges that plants face with their utility systems. In 2011, she became corporate director of engineering and focused on the coordination and standardization of databases and practices globally, simultaneously overseeing new product development. Her years at Armstrong International have continued her global exposure as she resided in Liege, Belgium; Stuart, Florida; Chennai, India; and Beijing, China supporting our global operations. Provot moved to Three Rivers in April 2017 to become the President of the largest division of Armstrong.

Provot has a five-year old boy, Nathan, who enjoys Michigan’s nature and outdoor adventures, after spending two years in Beijing in the middle of skyscrapers. Her new responsibilities lead to a heavy schedule, but in her free time she likes to enjoy a good restaurant in town, go for an adventure on the lake shore with Nathan and her husband Philippe, or simply discover a new village in Michigan.

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