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Workplace Strategies

Wondering how to manage your workplace during the COVID-19 disruption? Check out the resources below to keep your companies on course and your team productive.

  • COVID-19 Public Health Guidance to Reopen Workforce Guidebook
    Wondering how to return your place of business to work safely? Kalamazoo County has compiled this valuable resource offering recommendations for reopening your business safely by industry from the Michigan Economic Recovery Council, resource tools for your workplace, how to access Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and employee mental health support.
  • COVID-19 Strategies and Policies of the World’s Largest Companies
    Gallup® has gathered insights about how 100 companies—averaging 80,000 employees each—are handling their workforce during the COVID-19 disruption.
    Read their strategies and policies here.
  • COVID-19 Has Your Team Working Remotely: A Guide for Leaders
    Gallup® is tracking how managers in strengths-based businesses have a huge asset— they can predict employees’ reactions.
    Here’s what they are doing.
  • How to Manage the Loneliness and Isolation of Remote Workers
    “Loneliness is emotional. Isolation is structural.” Gallup® is working to understand the emotions of individuals working at home.
    Learn how to keep your remote workers engaged.
  • The Home Office: Everyone Suddenly Now Has One
    The team at FIRST & 42 has put together some tips for how you can remain productive at home.
    Tackle these 11 approaches to setting workplace boundaries at home.
  • 6 Ways to Say Hello and Still Make a Connection
    Skip the handshake and practice these ways to lower everyone’s exposure to illness.
    View the fun infographic.
  • New to Working from Home? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Meet Like a Pro
    Zoom can support your video-conferencing needs with Basic (free) and Pro (versions) of its software.
    Get the skinny on how to get connected.
  • Supply-chain Recovery in Coronavirus Times—Plan for Now and the Future
    McKinsey & Company explores actions taken now to mitigate impacts on supply chains from coronavirus can also build resilience against future shocks.
    Read the report.
  • Employee Engagement & Mental Health
    Business Leaders for Michigan (BLM) offers these best practices to engage employees who are being asked to work from home for extended periods of time.
    Browse these two pages now.
  • Remote Work Best Practices
    Communicate who can work from home and who still needs to come into work clearly to alleviate anxiety.
    Here’s some best practices.
  • Information Security Best Practices
    As employees are asked to work from home, they are still handling sensitive or proprietary information.
    Use these best practices to help ensure proper managing of information.

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