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Human resources outsourcing. Account and data management services. Customer care operations. Looking to optimize your company’s back office services? Then let Southwest Michigan ring true for your support needs.

Customer relationship management is key to your company’s success. A recent study by Inc. magazine in November 2011 confirms this: The average people a customer will tell about a good customer service experience is 9; the average number of people a customer will tell about a bad experience is 16!

Companies searching for a site to locate their customer care operations need look no further than Southwest Michigan. The region’s attractiveness to companies is the result of its skilled talent pool, excellent quality of life, low cost of living and extensive support services.

  • 1.7% of our talent pool works in this sector
  • Affordable wage rates averaging $10.50 to $15.00 per hour
  • Non-union environment with only 6% private union membership
  • Over 44,000 college students locally, with more than 303,000 within a 2-hour driving radius
  • Business support network
  • Workforce training
  • Low cost of living

Southwest Michigan First

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