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Small Business

Small Business

The Chamber is all about YOU.

We’re here to support, educate and grow small business in Southwest Michigan. Our team is committed to developing networking programs that allow you to create deep relationships with fellow Chamber participants, providing educational opportunities that facilitate true learning and supporting advocacy for public policy issues that will impact your business and our community for the better.

Relationship Building

Long-term success is not about the QUANTITY of transactions, but the QUALITY of relationships. Take advantage of the influential networking opportunities we host each month!
  • Coffee with a Leader | Morning coffee meetings hosted by your Chamber team, featuring a local industry leader who shares keys to successful business and leadership.

Education & Leadership

We are excited to offer you access to our education and leadership resources and events, where you’ll gain exclusive insights.
  • Always Forward Leadership | Explore leadership and other topics with blogs and podcasts from Southwest Michigan First ceo Ron Kitchens. Subscribe for free!
  • Catalyst University | Southwest Michigan’s premier leaadership un-conference, bringing local and global thought-leaders to Kalamazoo for an impactful one-day event. Learn more.
  • First Leaders | Have breakfast with your peers and experience exclusive insight from the top executives and thought-leaders in our region. Learn more.


For small businesses, local and regional public policy can have a major impact on your success. Our strategy is one of regular engagement to get your input on issues that involve your company and economic growth throughout our region.
  • Advocacy and Ale | Interactive “after-hours” gatherings at local craft brewpub to gain an inside look at our region’s public policy.
  • The Listening Post | Engage with state and local government representatives over a cup of joe to discuss the issues affecting our region.




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