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The right site is key to a company’s success.
So, what do companies look for when selecting a location?

At Southwest Michigan First, we know the typical answer can be a community’s strategic location, incentives, workforce availability, higher education offerings, suppliers and/or infrastructure. We can get you that information and more to help make your choice easier.

But, Southwest Michigan First knows what your answer should be. We encourage you to pick a location that feels like home and where someone takes the time to get to know you. Pick a spot where the community is willing to partner for mutual success and offers a network of support tailored to your needs. We will get you more than just the typical answer.

Southwest Michigan First

map-icon261 East Kalamazoo Avenue, Suite 200
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

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Our success or failure is determined by our level of energy. Much more than our creativity, our level of energy inspires the people around us.
- Mark Burnett

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