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You know the saying, it’s all about “Location. Location. Location.” We’re proud to say that Southwest Michigan is strategically located halfway between Chicago and Detroit – exactly. Plus, you can get to the beautiful beaches of Lake Michigan from anywhere in the region in less than a 45 minute drive! It’s safe to say there’s a bucket list of things for you to do within a short drive.


Southwest Michigan is a land of four seasons. We experience winter, spring, summer and fall – something not every community can boast.

In the winter, it snows! But we don’t let that stop us from getting to work, school or having a great time. In fact, a lot of Michiganders embrace our snowy winters by grabbing their snowboards or skis and heading to one of our regional ski resorts like Timber Ridge or Bittersweet. Not into skiing? Learn something new like ice skating, snow shoeing or even ice fishing!

Here’s our real secret weapon: summer in Southwest Michigan is better than anywhere else on earth. There’s nothing like summer in Southwest Michigan. We have beautiful lakes at every turn, including Lake Michigan where every little harbor town comes to life, bustling with festivals, outdoor seating at favorite restaurants and more.


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Kalamazoo, MI 49007

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