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Petey Stephanak


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Petey Stephanak

Lake lover. Former diver. Rallies for Purdue and the University of Michigan.

With a salute of hand, Petey Stephanak is one soul brave enough to flip head over heels 50 feet down. Once a member of the Purdue University Diving Team and the Great American High Dive Team, Petey now brings the “wow factor” to her leadership in Southwest Michigan. While you’re more likely to find her kayaking on a lake during her free time these days, her fearless attitude continues to shine.

Petey’s ability to walk into a room full of people she has yet to meet and make a lasting impression serves her well as she oversees Southwest Michigan First’s Council of 100, a group of companies committed to economic growth in Southwest Michigan. Petey spends her days creating a tide of enthusiasm for our organization’s mission among these forward-thinking companies. She also pours her energy into leading MIX Southwest Michigan, a collaboration with regional companies to bring together the area’s creatives at innovation-focused events. With a background in interior design, Petey thrives where creativity and collaboration meet.

A raving fan of both her alumna Purdue and University of Michigan, Petey revels in spending college football game days with her husband Jim and children, Alex and Molly. An advocate of volunteer activities, Petey serves the Southwest Michigan community through her involvement on the Executive Leadership Team for the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women event, as well as the Michigan Humanities Council.

Petey-Stephanak-2014_1“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!”
– The Little Engine That Could

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