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Olivia Ritsema



Two important ingredients for life: Cooking and people.

Olivia Ritsema’s love of cooking pairs perfectly with her love of people, as she enjoys few things more than trying out a set of new recipes over good conversation. For Olivia, cooking is one-part opportunity to socialize, one-part outlet for her creative (and hungry) energies.

Olivia’s family migrated to Kalamazoo in 2014 from Battle Creek and has further expanded its appreciation for Southwest Michigan. Although Olivia is a recent Calvin College graduate, she has been a member of the Southwest Michigan First team since 2016. Olivia spent three summers as an intern for the organization while pursuing her degree in organizational communication. In her full-time role with our Events team, Olivia busies herself by bringing several of our team’s events to life, including Catalyst University, where she serves using her passion for people and dedication to her community.

A dash of her favorite friends, a pinch of good food, and a generous helping of change in the Southwest Michigan community are the things that keep Olivia going. Once the table has been cleared, Olivia likes to stay busy by cleaning, running, or doing anything else—so long as she’s doing something.

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.”
– Tom Peters.

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