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Jessica Penny



Getting into shape inside and out.

Jessica Penny believes in her “best self.” She never feels better than when she’s fresh off a good bench press, deep into an inspirational article or coming home to a tidy space. Jessica lives for the quiet moments that inspire organization, motivation and a re-centered mindset.

When Jessica graduated from her high school outside of Empire, Michigan alongside her 70 classmates, she found herself bound for yet another small school: Try though she had, Jessica just couldn’t get the memory of her campus tour at Kalamazoo College (K) out of her head. At K, she studied business and delighted in every moment that allowed her to communicate and collaborate with others. Following college graduation, Jessica found her fit with yet another small team—this time, at Southwest Michigan First. Jessica now spends her time working with its Chamber division, connecting with area businesses, building relationships, and helping to strengthen communities across Southwest Michigan. Jessica’s passion for getting things into their best possible shape makes her the perfect fit for the Chamber and for the Southwest Michigan First team.

In her free time, Jessica loves to relax—though for her, true relaxation is what many people think of as…well…work. On any given day, you might find Jessica busy at the gym, re-organizing a closet, or learning how to get her best self into shape from a good book. In the evenings, she might be found lounging on the beach with a friend, sharing stories of the blue-ribbon pigs she once raised or digging in to some delicious food.

“I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you…We are in charge of our attitudes.”
– Charles Swindoll

Southwest Michigan First

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