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Bronwyn Drost



Every Day, a Jigsaw Puzzle.

Bronwyn Drost is an arranger of things. Armed with spreadsheets, to-do lists, and the occasional puzzle, Bronwyn’s best days are always spent pressing the little details into place. Her love for small things that add up to big outcomes has led to a passion for working with many people at once in order to kickstart major impacts across the region.

A Canadian-turned-Michigander, Bronwyn initially joined the Southwest Michigan First team years ago as an honorary member while working with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. After several years’ worth of work in communities across Southwest Michigan, Bronwyn returns to the Southwest Michigan First team as its first-ever Talent Director, where she rounds out the Jobs team. In her position, Bronwyn works with many small sectors of the economy across the region—from businesses and university departments, to individual professionals and beyond—she spends her days working to create jobs and attract talent to the region in which she’s built her life.

When things fall into place just right, Bronwyn enjoys a weekend full of late mornings and steaming cups of coffee. She loves to spend the afternoons outside with her two children, reading or running, always admiring all the ways in which the little pieces of the world fit together.

“I dwell in possibility.”
– Emily Dickinson

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