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A Culture of Performance Leads to Life-Changing Products

From the Turning Frame bed and Walking Heel of yesterday to today’s total knee and hip replacements, Stryker’s inventive spirit burns bright in Southwest Michigan. While many focus on the medical devices themselves for Stryker’s success, the company, based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, instead sees its people as its greatest asset.

When looking to hire, Stryker turns the hiring process upside down – it finds the right person and then the right job. Through the dedication and commitment of its 24,000 worldwide employees of which 2,700 are local, Stryker takes its performance to the next level and is helping someone, somewhere at this moment, walk towards a loved one.

In close collaboration with Stryker and the region’s medical device community, Southwest Michigan First’s doors are open to help physicians, surgeons and inventors bring their ideas to life. Its management team is experienced in finding and developing medical device concepts scribbled on pads, whiteboards or even candy wrappers.

Sharing the Best Strategies Fosters Continuous Improvement

Founded in 1941 by Dr. Homer Stryker, Stryker Corporation has grown exponentially because of its hiring philosophy: an individual’s talents more than their past experiences are the future predictors of their success. The company believes in growing each and every individual to their fullest potential. Stryker Corporation’s machine shop provides a glimpse into this thinking at work. It’s a place where a variety of components are made for future assembly into medical devices used in surgical rooms around the world to improve the people’s lives.

Southwest Michigan First

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