Life Science Fund

The Southwest Michigan First (SWMF) Life Science Fund is a $65 million limited partnership venture fund interested in early stage life science opportunities in Southwest Michigan.

The Southwest Michigan First Life Science Fund has a dual-bottom line approach. Not only does it seek to turn a profit for its investors, but it only invests in companies that already have a presence or are committed to establishing a presence in Southwest Michigan.

The fund provides equity investment to entrepreneurs and also offers support services in the areas of industry expertise, regulatory strategy, reimbursement planning, exit strategies and early stage business systems. In addition, the SWMF Life Science Fund has access to a uniquely positioned and committed network that is able to give direction and strategy to start-up companies as they grow and develop.  

For more information on the fund, please contact Patrick G. Morand (269.377.0597).


Current Portfolio

Our current portfolio consists of the promising life science companies listed below. We invite you to visit our portfolio company websites to learn more.


Historical Investments