Incubation and acceleration are two very different terms not to be confused.

The term incubation technically means to supply eggs with heat for their development. And when you like to put a lot of eggs in one basket, you really need a really great incubator, such as the Southwest Michigan Innovation Center.

While incubation can take time, acceleration means to speed up change. Controlling that acceleration is the key. The Michigan Medical Device Accelerator can do just that.

The Southwest Michigan Innovation Center opened its doors in 2003 for early stage bioscience research and development companies to get a head start. To date, three dozen companies have passed through its doors generating over 300 jobs, benefitting from over $80 million in funding and receiving almost $8 million in federal grants. Over 35 patents have been granted to its resident companies, 8 Investigational New Drug applications filed over the years and three Phase II starts occurred. This 69,000-square foot incubator, with its state-of-the-art equipment stands ready for your great idea.

The Michigan Medical Device Accelerator was formed in 2009 to take advantage of the region’s strong life sciences medical device research and development environment and benefit from the city’s 120-mile radius comprising one of the strongest medical device clusters in the nation. The accelerator is currently managing a portfolio of over 40 companies with products in various stages of development, benefitting from its unique model which centers on amalgamating the community’s resources into a virtual medical device company.