In 1847, the Southwest Michigan became known as The Celery City. In 1869, the thriving mint industry and our reputation as Peppermint King brought global recognition. The Paper City was the area’s next title in 1874 and parchment and most other paper were produced in the region. But, when entrepreneur William Erastus Upjohn founded the Upjohn Pill and Granule Company in 1885, the region’s reputation as a leading center for research and development, design-based manufacturing and innovation took off.

Today, you will find 20 Fortune 1000 companies headquartered or physically present and a skilled workforce diversified in our primary industry sectors that have made the region a leader in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, design-based manufacturing, packaging, agriculture and food processing. The region is the:

  • World Headquarters for the Kellogg Company, Stryker Corporation and Whirlpool Corporation
  • Site selected by more than 100 international companies
  • Tops among metropolitan statistical areas for employment for Drugs and Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Equipment
  • Strategic midpoint location between Chicago and Detroit that lies within:

    • 54% of the nation’s manufacturers
    • 48% of all national retail sales
    • 54% of the nation’s business payroll
    • 65% of Canada’s Gross National Product

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