Nurturing Product Improvement by Nurturing Good Processes
Since the invention of the corn flake in 1906 by W. K. Kellogg, the Kellogg Company, based in Battle Creek, Michigan, has been serving up nutritious breakfast and snack foods to families all over the world. With about 1,800 local employees and yearly sales in excess of $12 billion, the global leader in wholesome cereals and convenience foods continues to look for improvements in its processes and products.

From field to grocery store shelf, Southwest Michigan’s food chain flows seamlessly from our growers and animal farms to our extract producers, food testing laboratories, food processors and packagers. Southwest Michigan First’s network, which includes partners like Kellogg, can help your company connect the dots.

Global Leadership and Environmental Stewardship go Hand in Hand
Can you be a global leader while keeping your company’s impact on the globe in mind? “Yes, you can,” says Diane Holdorf, Vice President of Environmental Stewardship Health & Safety. At Catalyst University 2011, Southwest Michigan First’s annual leadership event, Diane shared how the Kellogg Company leads global environmental stewardship and works, simultaneously, to reduce its impact on our environment.