Transformation Agenda

The Transformation Agenda is our region's vision to ensure that Southwest Michigan will be recognized as a robust, vibrant and successful region where emerging innovation, thriving talent and a collaborative culture generate the fastest growing economy in the country and one of the nation’s leaders in economic development.

The Transformation Agenda will improve the  economy of Southwest Michigan by ensuring that the region’s existing companies are expanding and thriving , that the world’s leading companies are attracted to the region, and that innovations and entrepreneurs are cultivated and supported to thrive.  The Transformation Agenda will support the region’s distinctive open, young and diverse culture as a key competitive advantage, ensuring that Southwest Michigan is the place where talented people want to live, work, play and innovate.

What is it?
The Transformation Agenda is a bold, new, regional collaborative approach that will leverage the region’s world-class research and academic institutions, historical legacy of innovation and entrepreneurism and diverse industries to make Southwest Michigan the nationwide economic development leader.

To execute the Transformation Agenda, Southwest Michigan First and its regional partners will execute these four core areas of economic development:

Business Growth:
Support the growth of companies who call Southwest Michigan home

Vital Urban Cores: Strengthen the region’s economy through the growth of urban cores

Education: Leverage higher education to grow economic vitality

Government Collaboration: Increase the positive impact of government on jobs creation