Southwest Michigan First Group Companies
Ron Kitchens, chief executive officer
Southwest Michigan First
Jill Bland, executive vice president
Heather Baker, vice president
Kevin McLeod, vice president
Tim Terrentine, vice president
Katie Perry, vice president
Joe Agostinelli, associate vice president
Petey Stephanak, associate vice president
Alex Chung, director
Toni Daniels, director
Justine Griffin, director
Amanda Harrison, director
Cynthia Hernandez, director
Cathy Knapp, director
Derek Nofz, director
Carla Winchester, director
Heather Burnett, administrative leader
Miranda Garside, communications associate

Michigan Medical Device Accelerator
Kevin McLeod, managing director

Southwest Michigan First Life Science Fund
Ron Kitchens, general partner

First Angels
Jill Bland, director

Southwest Michigan Partners
Jill Bland, president

Consultant Connect
Ron Kitchens, principal
Southwest Michigan Innovation Center
Robert DeWit, chief executive officer
Madelyn Pinder, business services manager
Greg Cavey, core life science lab manager
Herb Boyer, financial analyst
Rob Vander Weele, facilities manager
Dwight Coblentz, facilities

The Chamber
Tim Terrentine, president
Toni Daniels, director of member services
Damon Allison, director of member services

Partners in Progress
Cole Gavlas, Comptroller
Miller Johnson, Corporate Counsel
Ullrey and Company, Auditors